About Jeremy

biopicHi! My name is Jeremy Kroes but you may know me as jeremyk123 and welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web. I am a 21 year old, new university grad, trying to find my place in the adult, working, world.

I grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada with my sweet little family (mom + pop, brothers x2 and little sis) but relocated to London, Ontario (not to be confused with London, England)  for school. Now I live in an apartment here with my lovely roommate and her little fur-baby, Archie the pug.

I like thunderstorms and autumn. My desk is usually much messier than it is in that picture up there. Dance parties are frequent and can happen at any given time around here. I love road trips and have a huge sunglasses collection. I also collect old man sweaters. I wouldn’t say I have a phobia of birds, but they make me super super anxious. I watch an unhealthy amount of television but I like movies even more. I am addicted to magazines. I loooove Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I consider myself a YouTube expert. I love Karaoke. I like to cut up paper and make stuff. I am a coffee drinker, music lover, glasses wearer and general enthusiast.

This is me.

Welcome to my blog friends.

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