Thursday, August 20, 2009

a layout and a life without internet

here is a layout from last week.



the buttons are from such sweet tierney and the lyrics are from arcade fire [love both and so should you].

as of tomorrow I will have been without internet for a week. ugh! there have been a number of phone calls made – some not so pleasant – but apparently someone is coming out to check it out for us. i am excited to move back to school and have reliable internet again.

i found some internet at the coffee shop. i wanted to share this layout so badly. i’ve read a few blogs. opened sooo many blogs so i can read them later at my leisure. and downloaded a few songs.

when internet is restored to my home i will blog about what it was like to live in the 1800s. ha!

i miss youuu xoxo


  1. What a beautiful layout, Jeremy. I love the composition and the placement of buttons and lines.

    Good luck with the internet. Hope it all works out soon! ;)

  2. LOVE that LO stinky that you dont have internet! we miss you too!

  3. agh! Life without the internet, painful...
    love that layout...(and arcade fire)

  4. lovelovelove the simplicity of that layour jeremy. and the lyric is perfect! very inspiring.

    i STILL have not seen funny people yet. i know, slacker. there are just not enough hours in the weekend anymore. i'm feeling a sick day coming on... :]

  5. jeremy! i lovelovelove this layout! perfect!
    can't wait to start autumn class!!!

  6. jer.. let me tell you.. i ADORE this layout :)