Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Blog,

Photo 149

i have not forgotten about you or your followers. I promise. Its not just you either, I have been neglecting other blogs as well, all of the many, many, blogs that I follow. However I have been super busy which explains my absence from the online world. Getting settled back into the apartment, getting back into the routine of school, working on student’s council things you know, the usual. Anyways, I figure within the next week or so I will be back into the routine of things aka blogging.

Here however, is a small list of the things that have been going on lately that have been keeping me from blogging and a few other things, observations etc. 

- for my first class last week i had to read 39 pages from one book, 128 from another, and two studies in preparation. (love how they just me launch right into it)

- i sent out a fun little package to my sweet friend Vanessa. when i receive confirmation that she has the package in her hands i will share it with you. i had so much fun putting it together and there are a few things i want to share with you.

- i am beginning my duties on student’s council (i am VP social for the nursing faculty at my school) so i am responsible for planning all of the fun events that we put on during the year. it is proving to be a lot of work so far, but most of it is fun work and i’m glad to be involved.

untitled -this boy is so stubborn, cute, mischievous, sweet, fun, etc. and i am loving getting to know him. (he is chillin right beside me as i write this lol)

-i need a haircut desperately. it hasn’t been done since may and its getting just a tad too long. i think i’m gonna keep it on the longer side though, but it needs to be touched up. especially since my head is going to be in the books for the next 8 months, it gets a tad annoying hanging in my eyes.

- i have been listening to a lot of these fellows.

-also, this is one of the loveliest things i’ve ever seen. so WATCH IT!

ok i think that is all for tonight. there’s probably more that i have to share with you but it is escaping me at the moment.

i will be back tomorrow with another post about something pretty special. so check back :)

looove jer.


  1. ooo I cant wait to get it! I am sure it's at my moms by now...I just haven't been home in a while, Ill let you know as soon as I get it!

  2. This is such a cutie post!! I love your puppy!! We miss you blogging so get to it Mister :)

  3. wow. hope school is settling in for the season! you are such a busy guy...don't know how you do it!