Saturday, December 12, 2009

To Do.

Tomorrow evening I am hosting a little Christmas dinner for a few friends before we write our exam (its online and open book, so really, it can hardly be called an exam). Anyways, we are having a Christmas gathering and dinner before and probably during and after our exam. It is mostly a potluck style dinner, but I am covering most of the main dishes so this paired with the fact that I am hosting means I have a busy day ahead of me that will probably consist of many calls to my parents with questions (this is my first Christmas dinner prep ever!).

Here are some of the things I have to do tomorrow:

  • go to the grocery store to pick up some final groceries for the big event
  • clean this place up (kitchen, bathrooms, dust, vacuum – you know, all the fun stuff )
  • prep stuffing and turkey
  • stuff turkey
  • get turkey in the oven around 1, by 1:30 at the latest
  • put the apple cider on in the slow cooker to brew for most of the day
  • put together an awesome Christmas playlist
  • find my Ella Fitzgerald Christmas CD because I have NO idea where it is
  • read an 18 page article for the ‘exam’
  • finish up food prep ie. cook and mash potatoes, make gravy, carve turkey
  • make sure we have enough dinnerware :S (maybe should’ve checked that one out earlier than tomorrow, meh)
  • don’t ruin/dry out/burn the turkey
  • find some time to shower/get dressed

Plus probably a bunch more stuff that I can’t think of right now.  Aaanyways, despite my seemingly hectic day I am very excited about it. I *love* hosting things and planning and prepping for events – its one of my fave things to do.  ever.

Also today I got most of my Christmas shopping done, except for a few things that I am having difficulties ordering because I live in Canada (grr), but it will hopefully get worked out thanks to some lovelies of mine who live in the states and have offered to ship it to me.  I got my sister the cutest shirt ever so maybe I’ll try to find some time to take a picture of that tomorrow to share.

Ok, I am going to head to bed on account of my busy day tomorrow aka no Hills for me tonight. ha.

What are you doing to get into the Christmas spirit? Attending or hosting any big (or little) Christmas parties?


ps. i love you



via WeHeartIt

Seriously? How gorgeous is she? I went and saw Brothers tonight – and it was sooo amazing. One of the best I’ve seen in a while.  It was very intense in some parts but truly amazing. I highly recommend it and will be buying it when it comes to DVD – for sure.

It doesn’t hurt that this lovely was in it and I was reminded why I had a little crush on her in Garden State – delightful. xo


  1. good luck with your party! you seem well-prepared and that's more than half of it all! happy holidays to you and yours!

  2. Aw! Your party will be great! Good luck on the turkey, those things are hard to make! I'm sure you'll do well. <3

  3. you are so not alone in your obsession, dear friend :]
    I waited 6 hours in the heat, dressed as Luna Lovegood, using a wooden knitting needle as a wand just to see the midnight premiere of HP6.
    I am dork.

    you sound uber busy. I hope everything goes splendidly.
    and yay for Ella Fitzgerald. seriously.

  4. haha! oops. i'm sorry for stealing your hearts! XOXO.