Tuesday, November 22, 2011


jeremybowieDespite lyrical title of this blog post, and David Bowie – this post has nothing to do with David Bowie. Or music of any kind really.

Actually, randomly I sometimes get people telling me I look like David Bowie among a few other  people, including, most recently, the lead singer of Japan according to the Fed Ex guy. But I think he looks like David Bowie sooo…Anyways, I never really saw the resemblance aside from the fact that we’re both blonde and have kind of angular faces. Until I took that picture above. In that picture I totally see at least a hint of a resemblance where before I saw nothing. So, cool right?

So I guess I lied this post does have something to do with David Bowie. But that’s not why I sat down to write this post.

Today I saw, and applied to live in the most amazing apartment. So, basically I’m freaking out. If I can’t live in this apartment I don’t want to live anywhere else and I’ll live on the street. Ok maybe not, but I’m freaking out. The landlady said that she has a couple coming back to see the place tomorrow and to take some measurements before they give their final say. If they say no, then it’s mine and I get the keys sometime in December with it officially being mine in January.  So send me all the well wishes, thoughts, prayers, good vibes etc. that you can muster up on this Tuesday evening.

She’s calling me tomorrow to let me know, so basically I’m dying. Right now I’m test driving my holiday playlist while starting to put up a Christmas decorations and drinking some kitty wine to keep myself from thinking about it until my roommate comes home at which time I’m going for sushi. So,



  1. Good luck! Would you be living alone!? You know I can recommend that highly! MISS YOU!

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