Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Giveaway.

The very talented and ever inspiring Merrilee Liddiard is doing a really cool giveaway over at her blog. The prize is a free potrait.

I found the link to this giveaway over at Holly's blog and I had a chance to look through her work and it is soo good. I became an instant fan. Go over and check out this giveaway.

In other news, I did most of my Christmas shopping today after my exam. And speaking of exams I have 3 completed and only one more to go. I think I am taking the rest of the weekend off of studying though, my mind is too tired of studying to do it effectively.

I have also been keeping up with my december daily album but not posting them, I am keeping pretty much up to date on Flickr, it is just easier to post them there.

But I am going to go, I kind of want to nap, but I'm not sure about that. We'll see.



  1. I haven't even STARTED my finals yet, but then again I only have 1 and its this coming Thursday! Are we contacts on Flikr? because if not...this needs to change. :]

  2. that's an awesome giveaway! thanks for sharing. :)

    that's good that you're almost done with your finals. honestly, it's one of the reasons i haven't started college... i hate tests... even though i'm really good at them.

    your december daily is way freaking cute! and i totally know about uploading to flickr and no where else. i don't even really upload anything anywhere else now. just flickr! haha!