Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Decade

2Earlier this week, as many of you know, I turned 20. It wasn’t too exciting around here, I thought I had to work on my birthday, but then I didn’t so I didn’t have anything planned for it. My day was spent doing a few little projects around here – fun projects which I will share soon. And I had dinner with the family followed by amaaazing coconut lemon cupcakes (just fyi – i’m a huuuuge fan of anything lemon flavoured etc.)


While the real world goings on were nothing exciting – in blog there was a 24 hour celebration in honour of my birthday and also for the birthdays of my almost birthday twin –Margot; and my real birthday twin – Jamie (at least I tell myself it was for us). The party started on May 31 around 11pm when there were a number of us blog bffs online waiting for Elsie’s blog party to start. So we decided to have a pre-party. So we chatted it up and kept each other awake and pumped until the real party got started. During that chat probably laughed out loud –like a real throw your head back belly laugh- a good 76 times. So funny – it was a really good start to my birthday. Then Elsie conducted her blog party all day long and I was soo pleasantly surprised to find my inspiration wall on Elsie’s blog in Holly’s awesome challenge post.

my wall on elsie's blog! To top off the blog party (which was a visual inspiration overload) I won one of the giveaways. I promptly (ok not promptly I just did it today) sent my shipping info off to Erin and now I am patiently waiting for my little prize. All through the party Margot was cracking me up with her party comments. “pass me the chips” then later “i said . . .PASS THE CHIPS”. haha too funny. The blog party was so fun. I told Elsie she should have one every June 1st so we’ll see. However if there is no blog party next year on my bday maybe I’ll have to host my own blog party. Who knows.

Aaaanyways I’m here chit chatting about the blog party and the majority of people reading this were probably there so I’m here preaching to the choir about how awesome it was. What I do want to say is a big *thank you* to all of my blog friends for making my not so exciting real world birthday a super exciting cyber world birthday. So thank you for leaving me blog messages, tweets and posts on my facebook wall. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Twenty is good so far. I feel like it is going to be a good year. Any advice from those of you who have already seen your twentieth year?

In other less paragraph-y, more point form-ish news:

- this kiddo had his senior prom on the weekend. whaaat? i can’t believe he will be finished highschool in less than a month. i’ll try to convince him to do a wee grad photo sesh. however if you know my brother you’ll know that will be nearly impossible.


- i have a huuuge craving to go to the beach. especially after Samantha’s beach adventure and this lovely pic by Vee

- yay for the good response to the vlog. i still haven’t watched it even with all the positive praise. i’m afraid it would be weird to watch myself talk. even weirder than it was filming the vlog. maybe i’ll make it a regular thing. . . like monthly or bi-monthly? or maybe you’ll get sick of watching me? ahh we’ll see.

-also i started a new creative project this week. i will share it later so stay tuned.

xo jer


  1. Happy belated birthday, Jeremy! ;-)

  2. Ah, I can't get over how fun the chat was before the Blog Party either! You all get me so excited for everything and it reminds me that it is fun to be creative and silly!!

    mmm, coconut lemon cupcakes sound delicious!
    have a great wonderful weekend!