Monday, June 22, 2009

Keri Smith Would Be Proud

Before I get into anything else how amazing are these?IMG_4252a





Katie (of Color Me Katie fame) punched all of these hearts from pink masking tape and put them around her Brooklyn neighbourhood. This lovely guerrilla/street art installation is so beautiful/inspiring – one that Keri Smith would be proud of.

Ps – Katie’s blog is so amazing. If you haven’t checked it out before definitely definitely do that. It is highly recommended by me. She does a lot of similar things to the heart installation that are just amazing. One really sweet idea that I saw today is this:

again {cred}


This is so so so exciting to me. I love love love it. You can bet that I’ll be doing this to one wall in my room at the apartment when I move back in the fall. That is if I can find some sweet comic books – if you have any you’d like to donate to the cause or know where I can get any pretty cheaply let me know by shooting me an email (link in the left side bar) – I would really appreciate it :)

In other news, it was a great mail day today. First off I got some new buttons from London that I am really excited to play with. They are in some super fun summery colours. I’ve already got some fun ideas to try with them. Look for a sneak peek sometime next week and be sure to check out London’s blog for the big DT reveal on July 1.

If that wasn’t enough I got a fun little package from this lovely.



At the birthday party she hosted for me on my blog (aka her blog party) I won a little giveaway and my prize arrived today. I knew I was getting her super cute sock monkey stationary kit – however also included were a few teeny tiny prints – one of them being one of my most favourite paintings of hers ever.

2034760252_99e34a60cb I love it – definitely in my top 5 paintings of hers. If you read this – thaaank youu!!! (I also got a teeny pink undies print – too cute!)

Also, a few days ago I sent out a little parcel to my happy mail partner – Mallory. Mallory if you’re reading this there’s a little gift on its way to you. Also if you’re reading this stop now because I’m going to share what is being sent haha. I made this cutie little journal for Mallory and I had a hard time sending it away – I wanted to keep it for myself. ha! Oh well, I suppose I will just have to make a few more for myself. I’m thinking a little series of notebooks like this little cutie???

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OMG. Looking at this picture I just want to have one for myself. Maybe I’ll make another tonight. I just loove it. What do you think?? Its been a while since I’ve been really excited about something I’ve made – its an *amazing* feeling. Almost nothing like it. I think I will make some more tonight. Also I think I will get started on my IDSS pages.

Also I’m really excited about some changes going on around here. I’m trying to change things up – make them a little more exciting. The banner waay up there is just temporary. I thought I liked it but the more I look at it I don’t. So that is just a bigger motivation to get the changes done more quickly lol. So if things are going wrong here or there is something you can’t see – there’s a good chance its due to that. Just a head’s up.

What are you up to this lovely summer night?

xo Jer


  1. Loove those pictures with the hearts! What a great idea! And that journal you made is awesome! Love it!!! I spent the evening embroidering and am getting ready to head to bed!

  2. Your blog makes me smile majorly, Jeremy. And that journal is fan freaking tastic amazing, I. LOVE. It.

    This Summer night? Avoiding scrapbooking(scrapbooking hates me right now). Gonna start a pot of coffee soon, cuz I'm going to the midnight showing of Transformers.... Fun night! :D

  3. thank you for introducing me to color me katie, she is soooo cute! i couldn't stop reading her blog.

    i also got super confused for a second, but then i realized there are TWO mallory's in the happy mail group haha. totally cute journal :]

  4. oh're last few post were total yumminess and fun!!!

  5. I AM proud! those are beautiful.