Friday, October 16, 2009

Running Through Fields of Hitchikers

Recently, me and my sweet friend Vanessa and I did a little’ol swap-a-roo. I put together a cutie little kit for her including some of my favourite scrappy things. I also made some handmade Sassafras inspired little woodgrain fawns. looove.

P9016056 Basically, I had the funnest (i know its not a word) putting together the kit – dream job a kit maker. Not a packer per say, but picking the stuff that goes into a kit – that would be so. much. fun.

I also put together a little playlist for her.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I think I had even more fun putting this together than I did putting the kit together. I handpainted the album artwork and then added everything else in photoshop. Aaaah I loove it. I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you, but I needed to wait until V got her package before I could share.


I have listened to this playlist soooo many times. I looove it. And lucky for you here it is!

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I hope you like it. I couldn’t get all of the songs, and I made a couple of substitutions/additions. Tell me what song or songs are your favourite. pleeaaaase.

It is good to be blogging again.

xoxo Jer

ps. today there is something very exiting going on for me. something is in the works right now that i can’t talk about at the moment, but if you’re a prayer i could really use some over the next couple of weeks and especially at 4pm today. i hope to share more about this with you in the near. near. future. veeery exciting.


  1. I love the playlist! I haven't heard alot of these songs and now I feel like I've been living under a rock. :] Thanks in advance for updating my music playlist.

  2. What an awesome idea!!! Those fawns have my heart!!! Awesome playlist! Will definitely be listening to this during the weekend creating time!!! Thanks for sharing it, Jeremy!!!

  3. I didn't know you PAINTED the CD cover! It is so lovely! And I really love the mix! (minus the Regina, I'm the only person who doesn't like her)

    Yah for exciting things, good luck!

  4. I adore your playlist, especially since Sufjan's "Decatur" is the first on the list. It instantly drew me in because it's my favorite song from him. <3 Also, I love how three of the songs are from the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack! :]

  5. Um, dear...this was the most amazing room cleaning I've had in a while...and it's all thanks to this playlist! Thanks so much for sharing it!! :D

  6. those stickers are so freaking cute! you should sell them, because i would definitely buy some! and the playlist is kind of wonderful too! i have been following your blog for a while now, and love it so much! i also love the fact that you love in london, canada, and i live in london, england! love zoe xxx

    ps. i am always on the look out for fun people to exchange snail mail with :)