Friday, October 23, 2009


tonight i want:

image a trip to the pumpkin patch

image apple cider

image sweater party (i have the perfect sweater – i’ve been saving it for just the right occasion)

image image image image imagesushi

imageto watch where the wild things are


to be a power ranger for halloween (the original kind that i used to watch. i couldn’t find one this year. maybe next year. ps. i’ll have to take a picture of my power rangers lunch box from kindergarten)

P8145889edit to knit pretty things for my friends.

I am looking for some delicious fall soup recipes as well as a delicious veggie chili recipe. If you know of any email me or leave a comment.

Aaaalso, Come back on Monday for big big news. I really wanted to blog about it tonight but I can’t just quite yet. Soooooon though.


(if you read my blog in safari, or firefox is my right hand sidebar actually a sidebar? or is it more of a bottom column? let me know)

ps. i love you

image [source]


  1. Hey! I love your is always so full of inspiring images! I read your blog using firefox, and your about me is a sidebar, but the rest are a column on the bottom left.

  2. Jeremy my dear. You don't have a right side bar at all in Safari. As of this moment, it is located at the VERY bottom of the page on the left hand side. *weird.*

    also--can't WAIT to hear the big news!!!

  3. i would totally love to have a sweater party! excited for your big news!!

  4. where the wild things are is fantastic! saw it a couple days ago.

  5. Firefox puts the column at the very bottom. :[ Also, if you find a good veggie chili recipe, please share! :D

  6. do you like carrots?
    i have an awesome carrot soup recipe. <3

  7. that wool picture makes me warm and fuzzy! lovely :)