Monday, November 15, 2010


Christmas is the most magical time. Its funny how quickly you can get into the Christmas spirit before Saturday I hadn’t really thought too much about Christmas but then I  got out my decorations, dusted of my Christmas music playlist, got a  Christmas coffee from Starbucks and bam! Christmas spirit is in full swing over here.

I spent a lot of time cutting paper snowflakes this weekend as a result my floor looked like A bit of a mess (understatement alert) – but the finished product is super pretty. I’ll share peeks later this week.

I need to start blogging more. I think the busiest part of the year (midterm season) is pretty  much over so hopefully I’ll have some more time to be blogging because I miss all of youuuu!

I want to blog about decorating our little apartment, I want to share some holiday projects with you, I want to make another holiday playlist for you, and (drumroll) I think I’m finally ready to blog about India (this may be a couple of weeks before you see it because I want to do all of my posts and then schedule them for one or two a week – but it will be soon!).

I’m excited for this new season and fall has been busy but I want to enjoy the last few weeks of fall before its gone.

I miss you!

lovelove mr. 123

ps. i love you

Allister’s photos are always, always super pretty…imageimage image

…but this post was just what I needed in the inspiration department this weekend.


  1. I absolutely love your snowflakes! I need to make some for my room :) You've inspired me!

  2. agh, fun Jer. I love cutting up snowflakes...wish it would snow here.

  3. oh, pretty pretty photos!! yay, christmas is coming! can't wait to see your india posts....i bet they will be a-may-zing!