Friday, November 26, 2010

HP Mania or Dumbledore Level Magic

Everyday of the year I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan. I mean I don’t go around broadcasting it to the world but I have all of the books (except for the Goblet of Fire – which I lent to someone who never returned it) and all of the movies (except for the Prisoner of Azkaban – which I lent to someone who never returned it) (sidenote: I think there’s a lesson about lending my things to people somewhere in here…). But I have all the books and movies and frequently watch the movies throughout the year. I am a fan. But, at the time when a new Harry Potter movie is about to come out, I become a crazy fan. This year in particular, since I was lied to so many times about the release date of the movie. I couldn’t go and see the movie at midnight on opening night (as much as I would have loved to) due to a scheduling conflict (thanks school!) and then I just didn’t get to go and see it until this past Wednesday.

Anyways I remembered on Monday I had the Deathly Hallows at my apartment and decided to realign my priorities (I have two papers due the beginning of next week) for the evening and read as much of it as I could before the movie on Wednesday. This is how I spent much of my night on Monday… IMG_1011Reading by the light of the Christmas tree? Magic. Reading Harry Potter by the light of the Christmas tree? Dumbledore level magic! (that’s a LOT of magic for those of you who aren’t in the know. So I got pretty far in the book on Monday night but Tuesday after school I decided I wanted to get farther. So I did a bit of homework then went back to reading. While I was reading I remembered I had a few sheets of iron on paper somewhere in my crafty stash and decided to make myself a Harry Potter tee (I didn’t have one yet and a HP tee is just what every crazy fan needs). I was trying to think of the perfect tee to make, there are lots of funny/creative ones on etsy/the internets, but I decided to just go with Harry, Herione and Ron circa The Chamber of Secrets. 230038[1]Making a tee shirt takes longer than I remembered (printing and waiting and ironing and waiting some more) so in between reading and tee shirt making I drew myself a fun little Harry Potter tattoo, that may or may not still be on my body 4 days later…photo(2) Please excuse the ridiculous crazy fan face I am making and appreciate the awesomeness of my drawing fake tattoo skills. ha!

Anyways, so with all of my prep done I went to the movie on Wednesday and was veeery impressed. I don’t pick favourites but I’m still leaning towards the Half Blood Prince as my favourite (it was my favourite book too) or maybe the Chamber of Secrets, but this one was really good. Of all of the movies, it was the most similar to the book, which I really appreciate. I just wish they would’ve put the whole book into one movie instead of this part one part two business. I definitely could have sat in the theatre for a couple more hours.

So there it is, my super Harry Potter nerd-ness on display for all of you to see. And now I have to get back to these papers I have been neglecting for Harry, Hermione and Ron.

What are you up to this weekend?


(I’m still laughing at my Dumbledore level magic comment up there – Gosh I’m witty)

(and modest…obviously)

PS. I love youimage This Harry Potter Snuggie!!! (on the lovely Ashley) How amazing is it?

I must have one. To, this is a matter of the most serious nature, of life and death almost. If you have one, if you know where you can get one, if you know where I can get one, if you have any information at all about these amazing things please, please please let me know.



  1. Pretty sure that face is just as fabulous as your fake tattoo! :)) (I'm keeping a lookout for more snuggies)

  2. I love Harry Potter! & your tattoo is awesome :)

    As for the Harry Potter snuggie, Hot Topic is supposed to have them:

  3. yes! i agreed that this was my favorite movie as it was closest to the book! and i don't think you're any less of an hp fan for seeing it a couple days later :)

  4. love this post.

    ps. i saw the snuggie at hot topic! i hope santa brings me one as well ;)

    harry for life.

  5. I'm re-reading all the books in the series (again!) and it gets me all giddy-girl just like the first time I read them!

    Potter nerds UNITE!

  6. That snuggie rocks. We're big HP fans, too. We're going to see the new one this Friday. Love the tat, too.

  7. Our school colors are the same as Griffydor's, so imagine my chagrin (and how quickly I corrected folks) when people admired my "Dexter Dreadnaughts" (look it up!) scarf...which is really this scarf I knit for myself.
    SIGH. Muggles.
    p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog. You can comment more often when I start updating more often...

  8. haha only you can make a harry potter obsession look stylish ;) love it!

  9. hahahahaha! this is the funniest/best post i've ever read. you're hilarious! and just so you are in the know, i totally want a HP tattoo. i'm not sure what yet. but i want one.