Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I Wore

Untitled-2So with the new design I’m planning on trying out some new things. One of the features I’m really drawn to on other peoples blogs are What I (We) Wore posts. And since such a big part of my life has to do with clothes (shopping, fashion magazines and blogs, etc.) I figured I would venture into the world of What I Wore posts. So please bear with me and my cheesy/ridiculous faces and poses as I try to find my What I Wore groove. Also please excuse the blue leash running across the bottom of that photo. I was walking Archie when I decided to take pics. ha!

With that I give you  my first installment – What I Wore for my new blog photos.

These were taken in days gone by. Days when the air was cool enough that it was comfortable to wear a (p)leather jacket and a flannel shirt. Right now? Not so much. In fact right now its so hot that I can frequently be found around my apartment not wearing pants. TMI? Maybe, I don’t mind.

Outfit Details: Jacket: Urban Behavior; Flannel: Thrifted; Tee: American Apparel; Jeans: American Eagle; Shoes: Converse; Spider Necklace: Aldo.

Ps. I took these with the self timer on my camera and so there were a number that didn’t turn out. However I was surprised by something. I give you the evidence…

Untitled-1These are two of probably 8 or 10 photos where I noticed how long my K9 teeth are. Upon closer inspection in my bathroom mirror, and various comparisons with friends and family I have come to realize I do in fact, have abnormally long K9s. Dare I say, vampire long??

I also chose these two pictures in particular not only because you can see how long my teeth are but I am also running my tongue along my teeth. Which only adds to the sexy/brooding/vampy/Twilight/True Blood feel of the pictures. I can assure you I do not have a taste for blood of any kind. Seriously, I don’t even eat red meat.

Ok so this has been my first What I Wore post and I’m rambling about my vampire teeth. Like I said, bear with me.



  1. HAHAHAHa. i love you. and your new blog is killer. and i'm happy that your blogging again. done.

  2. I love it! Love your look! And I love your what I wore post! The part about your teeth, KILLED ME! I was laughing so hard! (I love long k9's. Is that weird? But I do like vampires ((not twilight...Edward sucked, harhar.)) anyway, now I'm rambling!)


  3. i love this post, can't wait to see more!! :)