Wednesday, July 27, 2011



So this blog has been pretty sleepy for a while, that’s why I’m exited to welcome you to my new blog friends!

Actually its the same blog, just with a major, MA-jor facelift. I was tired with the way my old blog was looking, it was essentially the same as when I first started blogging three years ago. So, I’ve had a good break from blogging, but for the past little while I’ve been feeling the blogging bug again.

So, for the past week or so I’ve been working tirelessly to make this a place I wanted to spend more time. It took a lot of late nights, a lot of Googling HTML and CSS tutorials, lots of  swear words shouted out loud, at the top of my lungs when things didn’t work out and then lots of long, hard dance parties when they finally did work out. But despite the hard work, and I think because of it I’m even more thrilled with the way things have turned out here and I’m hoping this is a place where you want to spend more time too.

So take a look around, my fresh new blog. Click things, and see what adventures they take you on. You’ll notice however a few of the links in the navigation bar at the top bring you back to the home page, but that will change very soon hopefully.

Also, if you have any burning questions you want answered in my FAQ page you can leave them in the comments or you can email them to me using one of the links on this page.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m excited to be back and I hope you’ll come back again and again.

love, love Jeremy


  1. I love your new blog makeover. It is so lovely :)

  2. it looks awesome!
    i sort of feel the same way about my blog lately too, so who knows if i'll be googling and swearing soon. great job on it :)

  3. love the look, Jeremy. Well done. :)

  4. loooove it!!!!!!

    and i'm dying over that picture!


  5. Looking fabulous Jeremy!! NOW BLOG more.....please:)