Monday, August 08, 2011

Things I Learned About Myself at a Backstreet Boys Concert

So, if you’ve never done it, going to a concert from one of your favourite childhood bands in your adult life is a really crazy/weird/exciting/enlightening experience. Here is a (potentially embarrassing) collection of things I learned/musings/thoughts on the day after a Backstreet Boys Concert.

When we decided, on a whim, to buy tickets to the NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block + Backstreet Boys) show yesterday morning for the show last night I was obviously excited, because I love going to shows and I also loved BSB in my early teens. However, I was not at all prepared for how excited I actually was when BSB came out. IMG_1865Let’s have some real talk for a minute here ok? You’ve all see how crazy the little tweens go when they see Justin Bieber. Or maybe you remember or have seen the way people used to react to the Beatles. You guys, that was me last night. I don’t know what came over me (actually I do, it was my 8-12 year old self, that used to dance around my room to BSB) but I can only imagine how ridiculous I must have looked last night. And the amazing thing is, I don’t even care because almost everyone else who was there was doing the same thing. IMG_1915So I totally went to this show to see the Backstreet Boys. I think NKOTB were just a bit before my time in that they were still around when I was in my boy band phase however, they had their heyday when I was too young to remember. However, I was surprised to learn that I knew a lot more NKOTB songs than I thought I did going into the concert. Which resulted in me singing many of their songs at the top of my lungs as well, when I had really planned to use the NKOTB songs to rest my voice for the next BSB song. Needless to say  my voice was a little sore last night.

Speaking of singing at the top of my lungs, BSB songs are right in my perfect vocal range. I need to keep this in mind the next time I go to Karaoke. Also some of the dance moves I find myself pulling on during dance parties are very similar to the sweet boy band dance moves that NKOTBSB were pulling out last night. No doubt an influence of me watching BSB music videos all those years. But, with the singing and the dancing I’m wondering if I missed my calling. I should find out if they want to replace Kevin.  Untitled-1Back in my hardcore BSB days, I was always a Brian fan. He was always my favourite. After last night, I’m pretty sure AJ is my new favourite member of BSB. Brian is still a close second, and his highlighter pink shoes were super rad, and I don’t know why but AJ has taken Brian’s place as my favourite Backstreet Boy. IMG_1936IMG_1931While I was singing at the top of my lungs and learning some new boy band dance moves for my next dance party, I realized that I actually still really like BSB music. Like, I’m listening to it right now, and I think I’ll be listening to it for at least a few more days. And on top of that, I’m not even ashamed haha. I think part of the reason why I still like it is nostalgic, but let’s be honest, it’s good music.

The show itself was actually amazing. Really, really well done. It was interesting to see how NKOTBSB shared the stage and the finale was really cool. Also it was the final show of the tour so it was really sentimental/special for the guys and you could tell watching the concert (at one point AJ even came out in shiny gold briefs and a tank top to party boy NKOTB while they were singing – maybe a contributing factor to him being my new fave).

So there you go, concerts can be a soul-searching/learning experience. lol Go and learn something about yourself friends.

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  1. so glad you had a blast. i still love BSB too! :)