Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Happy Canada Day.
We don't really have any Canada day traditions around here, we usually just go with the flow and decide at the last minute what we are going to do. In the past we have gone to Kitchener, gone to Owen Sound, the Holstein park or stayed home. The common thread between these is that they usually involve fireworks. At home we can see the fireworks from Holstein if the night is clear and we know where to look. Now that I am thinking about it, when we had our trailer parked at Silent Valley there used to be fireworks there too.
Fireworks are so celebratory, and they last for a few minutes and then they're gone but they leave you with a high. With excitement.
I think that there needs to be more celebration, celebration about everyday things. Like that perfect day where you can sit by the pool for the afternoon, good friends, getting time to read a good book or a surprise moment of peace and quiet. Things like that should be celebrated more often, things that we often take for granted.
I am learning to celebrate the little things more often and through that I'm finding that I have more gratitude within myself. Its refreshing. Its exciting.
So celebrate Canada today. But celebrate something else tomorrow and the day after. Celebrate something everyday.

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