Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fired Up.

Today I woke up earlier than I had planned with a call from working asking me if i wanted a shift today that I had already turned down yesterday. Anyway, after getting that straightened out I had a few minutes to breath and realized I was feeling completely inspired. One of those moods where I just feel the need to create something. So refreshing because the past week or so I've been wanting to create something but I've found myself out of the mood and it never got done.

So today I forsee a long day of creating art and telling stories. Hopefully tomorrow or later today I will have some layouts or something to share because I will definitely be making something today. I'll probably do something with this picture. I hung out with my little brother yesterday when the rest of the family was out and we had a little photoshoot on the trampoline, along with pizza and a movie. Super fun.

Tonight I'm heading over to Scott and Kristin's to hang out with some friends for a campfire etc. Very excited about that (and the reason I'm not working today).


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