Thursday, July 03, 2008

Two Beautiful Days

Canada day turne out to be a really enjoyable day. We ended up staying at home all day just relaxing by the pool. This was perfect and the weather was even more perfect. The day was hot, not humid and there was no rain which we seem to be getting tons of lately.
In the evening we went to the fireworks in Holstein. This year they were much better than last year. I brought along the camera and the tripod and took about 100 pictures. Needless to say I had a lot of deleting to do, however I also got some really good ones.
Yesterday I worked all day in the office. And today (another beautiful day) me and my brother trimmed the hedge. It was a major major job considering it hadn't been done in about two years. It was fun just spending time with him and getting a job done.
Now everyone is out at soccer, the phone is ringing and I'm off for worship practice at 8 so that is all I'm going to have time for tonight.

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