Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Ramblings

1 - Just got back from a little shopping trip with Melissa, and I cannot say how happy it makes me when clothing stores are organized by colour. That is the kind of efficiency that I like. It makes it so easy to find something if you know what colour you are looking for.

I am definitely *not* as organized as I would like to be, but I am always intrigued by organization techniques. This book shelf --- be still my beating heart. I love it and want to have it.
2- I am getting very angry with Tim Hortons. Right now they have their roll up the rim promotion. I normally don't buy coffee from Tim Hortons but since they have the promotion I think I have bought approximately 20 odd drinks - give or take. And I have not won a single thing. Not one thing. That is a little ridiculous. I would be happy just to win a coffee so i could have another chance to win, but no.
3- I am done my rant about that and I am going to make a wish. * I wish I could go to this* What I wouldn't give to go. However I just don't think I can afford it or take the time off work. If anyone would like to donate to the send Jeremy to the RVA craft weekend fund that would be awesome. I mostly just want to go because I saw this. *love*
4 - I have been thinking about having my own studio/scrap space a lot lately. I feel like part of the reason why I don't scrap/craft/make pretty things as much as I would like to is (a) partly because of school and time constraints but (b) because I don't want to have to pull everything out to use it and then have to put it back. I would love love love to have my own space to create. I know this will not happn for a *long* time, but a guy can dream can't he? These are a few that have caught my eye.
This one from Apartment Therapy.

Ali's Old Studio.

Also, I loved this idea that Ali posted on her blog a really long time ago about lining a wall with old chests to store products.

5 - As soon as I get back to work in the summer I'm going to make a big purchase - it's kind of a tradition. Its a bit of a gift to myself for making it through another school year. I would love a Wii, but I'm really considering an SLR. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated, also if you know anywhere to get good deals, or even good quality used ones - post the link. I've had good luck with ebay in the past, but I'm always open to new suggestions for places to shop.
Ps. Also I am looking to take a photography class this summer, online would be preferred, so links for that too would be awesome.

Tonight = a bit of homework and then sleep.

xoxo, jer.


  1. Haha, I totally agree about the organization...my closet looks like that (well, not at the moment...literally nothing else will fit (time for a yard sale, perhaps?)!

    And I would give my left foot to go to the RVA craft weekend! I was actually creating a budget the other night just to see if I could, lol. But alas, I'm horrible with money ((according to the boyfriend)) :P

    And oh, how I wish I could have my own craft room -sigh-. I really need my own place...

    If you happen to find any good online photography classes...could you possibly send the links? I've been looking for a good online class to take...but could never find one! lol

    Hope you're having a great week!

    Fellow RVA classmate,

  2. so much goodness here.
    i have the SAME thing about colour co-ordination. i used to re-arrange the fabrics at quilting stores so the shades blended right. haha. when i was little. [: probably why i liked it SO MUCH that 'Beyond Retro' is all color organized. i could've died. it was heaven!

    same about the RVA craft weekend. but i don't think i could swim all the way there.... ]: LA is amazing, isn't she? wow.

    craftroom=yes! it's so so so important. even just a little desk with things out. that ali sketch is sooooo nice! eep!

    SLR- digital; i would go Canon over Nikon anyday, just because it's soo user friendly. Pentax is good if you're on a budget, but it's really worth the extra ££ for a Canon. in my opinon anyway.
    film; Minolta is my LOVE! but i can't really advice on anything else because i'm into more 'simple' but manual film cameras, like the Lomo Lc-a and fisheye. haha.

    you'll use your camera SO MUCH more if you get a DLSR. they are so fun.

    this is long now, but :]

  3. Here's an online photo class. Full now, but she has a waiting list for May's class. I love her work.

    I would love to attend the RVA craft weekend too. But, alas, I cannot afford it right now. Maybe when all the kiddos move out and CA stops the 5% pay cut. For now I am enjoying the online class.

    My craft room is what used to be our living room. The girls and I share the whole space. I don't really like the idea that this room is what people see when they first enter our house since it's usually a mess, but it's the only place we could spread out. It used to be empty. Just a place for hubby and son to wrestle in. Maybe again, once the kiddos (or maybe just one) move out I can take over their bedroom.

    Love reading your blog. Can't wait to see your RVA projects.

  4. O shoot. That bookcase. My lifeeeee.

  5. jeremy! i loove your blog! wish you could make it to rva - my hubby actually said 'happy mothers day... early!' i'm sooo excited! i'll be sure to take lots and lots of pics to share!

    and the wii is sooo much fun! but games are still spendy! :[


  6. I'd so love to attend the RVA weekend too! But i live in the Netherlands, so i'll just keep on dreaming!

    Love all the craft room pics. So much inspo!

  7. Movie twins!!

    I'm not really an organized person, but I always expect stores to be. In fact, it makes me SO angry when colors are all mixed up. Pshhh.

  8. hola classmate! If you do find any online photo classes that look good will you post about them?? I am so curious and interested!