Monday, March 09, 2009


Just because I have been a blog slacker the last couple of weeks, doesn't mean that other people haven't. Aaaaand it certainly doesn't mean I haven't been reading an assortment of blogs. Here are a few of my favorite things I've read or discovered thanks to other peoples blogs over the past few weeks.

1-This beautiful flickrstream from Kim's blog. Tons of eye candy there. How beautiful are these pictures? Especially that chair - I could die.

2-I am always on the lookout for new music. This week I found these guys. From HollySarah.

3- This hilarious video from Leigh-Ann's blog. This is - dare I say - almost as good as Scarlett.

4 - This post on Rachel's Blog - *epic*. These ones are too funny.

"i peed my pants in grade 8 because I drank tooooo much slurpie and i couldn't walk home fast enough :("

"When I was 7 I danced naked infront of my class, I didn't see the big deal...little kids do it, but I got into trouble and haven't told anyone since. Not even my mum."

"i work in retail. And sometimes, i have to go to the back of the shoe room and laugh at the customers who are funny looking."

"2- i used to have a rat tail (so gross. . . and i'm *very* ashamed) 3- my mom still has my rat tail (even worse)"

Ok, who am I kidding? The last one is mine. I was sharing other people's so I had to share my own.

5 - These layouts by Jamie Waters. I love her layouts.

Ok. That is two posts in two days. I am on a roll. Tonight I have a bit of homeork to work on and I also want to do some crafty things. yay!

looooooovee yooooouuuu! xxoo jeremy

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