Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sundays are for Pancakes.

Started the day with pancakes. delicious <3 Aaaaaanyways . . . yesterday I wrote my last exam and I promised a real blog post after that. Sorry to say however, that there is not a whole lot of updating that needs to be done. Much of my time the last few weeks have been spent studying, writing papers etc. All things school related. Not necessarily the way I would choose to spend my time, however, it is something I myself signed up for when I decided to go to university. And sad as it may seem - even though sometimes I seem to lack a life away from school, and I try to tell myself different - I love every minute of it.

Now that midterm season (hell week as I frequently referred to it) is over, I will hopefully have some time to work on some more exciting things than writing papers, and studying for exams. Maybe some of the exciting projects that I am behind on in Rachel and Elsie's class? Just because I haven't actually started any of the projects doesn't mean I haven't been dreaming about them. And I have certainly had lots of visual inspiration from the Red Velvet Art Flickr Gallery.

Like this Colour Me Happy scrapbook by HollySarah.

These felt tipis by KatieCupcake.

These journal covers by Ashley.

This photo embroidery project by cococricketsmama.

This cutie by spiffydesu.

Such lovely projects. I really love the class environment and it is so inspiring to be surrounded by such crafty people. So if you are here from the class thank you for making it a fun valuable experience and for inspiring me. :)

I have been thinking a lot about painting lately. I really miss it since highschool and I don't think I've actually painted anything since then. This summer I really want to pick up the paints again and work on developing my style. This is the last painting I did that I really love. I put it in an auction and it was actually going for quite a high price but at the last minute I decided I couldn't part with it and bought it back for myself.


Then, this week I saw this beauty by Rachel. How beautiful is this? It goes into the RVA shop tomorrow and prints of it are going to be sold. I'd love the original but I'll settle for a print. Maybe I'll ask for it for my birthday? I really want to get into oils. I've always used acrylics and I *hate* watercolours so I really want to start playing around with oils. We'll see. I'll keep you posted on my painting adventures.

Last night to celebrate we got pizza and let me tell you I have a new favorite pizza place. Not that I get pizza a lot, but when I do, I know where I'll be going. Papa's Pizza is the teeniest little hole in the wall restaurant, and to be honest it's kind of sketchy looking, but it is sooo delicious. We've been saying we wanted to try it for quite some time and last night seemed like the perfect night. So we trekked out in the pouring rain and brought pizza back. Let me tell you . . .good life choice.

Tonight I will be working on a few crafts. Including my post for Thursday at The Everyday Scrapper. Here is a little sneak peek.

Ok. Well thats what I've been up to lately. I have a piece of oreo chocolate cheesecake from Williams waiting for me so I am going to eat along with my vanilla latte.

What are you up to this evening?

xoxo Jer

Ps. I've given in, and now you can find me on twitter. Come on over and check me out. Also if you are on twitter send me the link and I will check it out :)

Happy Sunday

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  1. i LOVE your painting!! the contrast between the pink and blue is WONDERFUL! :]