Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have you heard??

I realize I’ve been an awful blogger and I’m not apologizing or making excuses – but I’ve been suuuper busy and I feel like things are going to follow this same busy path until exams are over. Anyways have you heard:

. . .that Forever21 now has a men’s line!! Fantastic. I got an email a while ago saying that it was coming, and I was very excited to see what the line was going to be like. Now that it’s here I am very pleased.




I am a huuuge fan of the grey plus one bright(ish) colour. I looove those first grey jeans. I could max out my visa shopping online. (I won’t mom – but I could).

. . .of this beauty? image Diane Birch is gorgeous and her music is so lovely. Pleaase check her out. image image

How much do you love this video?

Ok. That’s all I have for tonight and now I have to go and work on homework blech.

I’m still looking for my motivation so if you happen to see it please send it back to me.


Ps. I love you.image image I want one so badly. Lego kitchen table via.


  1. Lego madness! best thing i have seen in a while. im going to have to get to work, becaue honestly i need that in my house :)

  2. love the lego kitchen! and didnt forever 21 have mens already? i thought it was upstairs at the dundas square store...
    i have to admit i ignored that corner... haha
    best of luck with the rest of the school year :)

  3. Love her! she was on Ellen yesterday. Gorgeous!

  4., I stumbled upon your blog while being an insomniac...and I'm so glad I did! I have to say...that video was incred! ...very cool. I think it rates as one of my favorites....
    ..I'm giving you a link to another of my favorite's also very cool...I think you'll like it!


  5. Great idea.. Maaybe for a bar or entertainment room.. but for your kitchen..??