Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have not had a working camera for approximately 7-ish months now. Let me tell you – it sucks huuuge. I am finding I have like no pictures from the last 7 months making it very hard to scrapbook and blog about myself. Unfortunately since there are times, especially now as I reach the end of the year I can barely afford to eat (slight exaggeration) a new camera does not quite fit into the student budget. Luckily when I go home to my parents I can use theirs (even though the frequency of this is far to little to have any real effect on my need/craving to take pictures) and I have really been itching lately to take some pictures.

This weekend I am heading home for Easter and I am really excited to be able to take some pictures (especially since the weather is supposed to be fantastic). Even more so film has been inspiring me a lot lately and I am thinking I will bust out my dad’s old pentax and do some shooting in film of my families Easter celebrations.

I just love the imperfections that you can get with a roll of film  that you can’t get (as easily) with a digital. Here are some lovely film shots from flickr that have been inspiring me as of late:

image imageimagefrom kim {1,2,3image tina {1}imagecari ann {1} imageTookie  {1}imageumetan  {1}imageSummer {1} imageannette {1} image image kara {1,2}

Kara’s lovelies were taken on a disposable.. Maybe that should be my first foray back into the magic world of film?

What are you itching to do these days?


ps i love you.

image source (via elsie)

My friend Elsie is doing a pinhole camera DIY this week. I am super excited to see what she has come up with and try it myself!!

More fun with film. I’m obsessed.


  1. Disposables are AMAZING! I finallly got my film camera to work again. So, I may just have to join you.

  2. I definitely want a few disposables...especially now that Spring is making appearances every now and then around here right now.

    I have about 12 rolls of film that I desperately need to get developed (from my Rebel K2, Pentax and AE-1) - I think that will be my next financial investment! Lol

  3. if i were you i'd take a walk down to dollarama. i honestly think they sometimes have film and disposables, if not even a cheap-y disposable.
    enjoy the easter weekend and being able to snap again :)

  4. Sooo pretty!!! I have a roll or two of black and white film and my old camera that I'm itching to use! This may just inspire me to get it done!!! Thanks, Jeremy! Beautiful post! Oh, I just remembered I have a disposable at home too! I love the blurriness and magic that comes out when you pick up that roll and can't wait to see what developed!

  5. John Mayer 3X5 (look up these lyrics if the idea doesn't strike you now)
    sometimes you don't need a camera

    P.S. I really love photography though so I know what you mean.

  6. Beautiful photos! I bought a Holga last year and I LOVE it. Film is where it's at.

  7. Itching to get my hand nice and dirty and my braids nice and sweaty!

  8. Also itching to take some pictures...today has a high of 79, so maybe today's the day for photo-ing.

    I'd say seize the moment and just buy one. Take out a $500 loan if you have to. But that's just me and my camera is like food. Really hard to do without.

  9. wow! these pictures are absolutely stunning and by the look of your photos, I can see how terrible you must feel to not have a camera for that long! Hope you get one soon!

  10. I love film I have a collection of film cameras my Pentax is my favorite though I hope you find a camera soon I cant wait to start taking pictures again the weather is lovely but ha sadly there arent any leaves on the trees yet and brown, brown and more brown doesn't make for the best background :)

  11. Yay- thanks for including me [:

    Disposables are greatttt. the processing kills me though, so expensive. maybe you can get them done at, like, walgreens???? haha.

    If you've taken any, I'd love to see them!!!