Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Thoughts From a Monday

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First of all hi! Second of all I realize it says Monday in the title of the post and it is in fact a Tuesday – I’m leaving it. This just shows you where my brain is today – off in its own little world.

Here are a collection of random thoughts that raced through my mind - in no particular order.

I need a job.

I do NOT want to shower today – such a hassle. (closely followed by) I need new body wash. (and) I love the smell of Dove shampoo.

I want to draw more – something along the lines of Nancy Drew illustrations or the 101 Dalmatians illustrtions. (You know like  ink + watercolour)

This lemon chicken is not the best I’ve tasted however this egg roll is fantastic.

I need a haircut. Really badly. (As evidenced by the photo above – I seem to have an unkept razor bob going on there – a la Rihanna or Posh Spice)

Hills TONIGHT! (Yeah, I have a thing for bad TV. This was closely followed by) Oh yeah – I don’t get MTV so I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it online. Aaaand I probably have to avoid the internet for spoilers. At least I have Parenthood.

Hire me. Hire me. Hire me.

I need to have dance parties more regularly. Dance-offs even.

I wonder if you could play a board game with someone over skype (or some other form of video IM) assuming they have the same game.

My inspiration board is really boring, and small. I need to kick it up a notch – I’m thinking inspiration wall. (Links to inspiring inspiration walls/boards would be much appreciated)

Ok. So I hope you enjoyed this look at my random, boring thoughts on this regular old Tuesday.

Now its your turn. Regail me with the tales from your Tuesday afternoon.

xo jer


  1. HA - we do both need a haircut! awesome. board games, yes. HILLS ... YESSS!

  2. randomly came across your blog, and after reading this i think it wasnt so random.
    a. i need a job.
    b. i havent had a shower its 3:44 pm here in india.
    c. i need to draw more. but may be you should see this.. if you havent already.
    d. my hair has been cut less than a week ago and looks like a bad razor job. waiting for it to grow out.

    other than that random tuesday is just another day passing by.
    hire me. hire me. hire me.

  3. I am also a random traveler...or rather, I was, a few days ago.

    And now, today, which is in fact Wednesday, but due to the fact that I had planned to be blogging yesterday, I am calling it Tuesday, I am glad to be following you.

    Yes, Skype games would be a glorious sort of thing!

  4. Hills-what's going on? I heard Spencer is leaving? He and Heidi are on the outs?
    I like your hair long. Made Tikka Masala and jasmine rice last night looking at your India stuff. Regails from my tuesday are on my blog since I'm doing the Ali edwards thing, week in the life.