Friday, April 23, 2010

What’s in my bag?

Since its the end of my school year ( a common theme in my last three posts lol) I thought it would be fun to do another instalment of “what’s in my bag?” or as is probably should be called “A scary look at all of the crap I have acquired in my bag over the last 8-ish months” Here it is:

000_0812notes a huge collection of pens and other writing utensils, empty tic tac container, glasses, notebook, magazines and music. Fun stuff.



  1. I laaaaaaaaave that you have fun dip in your bag. Yum.

  2. Love that you have Fun Dip included! ;) I love that stuff tho I think they should sell the white sticks separately. Yum!

    Happy Friday, Jeremy!!!!

  3. Just went thru your blog and looooooooooved it!!!! Greetings from Córdoba, Argentina!!

  4. do i spy a plastic red lobster keychain or something? LOL

  5. I Love fun dip! Yay! I love my Ipod too! Yay! Sunnies! Yay! K, love the post!

  6. giggle, this is a great post. I've been trying to downsize my bag, I always have way too much stuff in it. But yours is filled with wonderful goodies.
    Wishing you happiness, Katherine