Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick Update.

So I know I have been an awful blogger lately, but yesterday I wrote my last exam and as of yet I’m still unemployed so I guess now I have no excuse not to blog because I essentially have unlimited amounts of time on my hands. lol.

So yeah, I wrote my last exam yesterday.

I leave for here in just under 9 weeks. image (source)

I cried myself to sleep that I wasn’t at Coachella. But remain hopeful that I will attend one day.

I had a glimmer of hope in attending Lollapalooza but its the week after I return from India so those hopes were dashed. But I remain hopeful that I will attend this one day as well (just pleeaase bring back arcade fire the year I go).

This starts next week and I am SUPER excited. image (source)

A while ago I posted this post and then today I was featured in this post over at the Dares (if you are visiting from the Dares, welcome!! i hope you’ll stick around for a while). My dare was to be inspired by skateboard graphics and here are my pages and the boards they were inspired by.100_2777 100_2766  Untitled-1 I hope you play along with the dare this week. If you do link me up to what you create because I would loove to see them.

xo Jer

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  1. great interpretations of the dare! i wish i could play along, but not just now. will let you know when :)