Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Photo 187edit

the result of a photobooth self portrait session last week.

one of my few quiet/creative moments from the last week-ish time period.

probably listening to mumford + sons or yeah yeah yeahs.

my headphones are attached to my computer, not mr. ipod who is in the dock. obv.

mr. ipod is not yet mr. ipod in this picture.

my desk is perpetually messy.

my current inspiration board. i'm thinking it needs an overhaul. but it will have to wait on account of the fact that i am going to india for a month.

this pic is now attached to a layout. shares soon (probably later today).

this week the craziness continues. packing + last minute planning + currency buying + excursion planning + making sure my bag isn’t too heavy + dreaming about being there. you know, all that fun stuff


ps. i love youimage super inspired by inspiration boards/walls/wires lately. i’ve been itching to redo mine for probably a month.

i love this one by vee.

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  1. It's almost 3am in Argentina and I couldn't go to sleep without having a quick look at your blog (which I loooooove btw!!) And to my surprise you're going to India!!! I can't wait to see pics and read your comments on the trip! India is my dream-journey (not sure if that's how you'd say it in English...) Waaaaay too expensive for me though, so I'll enjoy the trip thru your blog!!! Have a great time in India!!!!
    ps. I love you too!!!