Wednesday, June 02, 2010

01i just wanted to pop in to thank you all for the birthday love yesterday! it was quiet and lovely and i spent the day by the pool (the weather was gorgeous) and the evening eating delicious mexican with my fam. i’m thinking maybe dinner then karaoke with my friends this weekend? we’ll see.

aaalso, yesterday StudioCalico had a blog hop around all of the DT members blogs and each member was giving away a full set of their new collection, documentary. i was lucky enough to win at my friend sasha’s blog. i LOVE this collection (you can see the collection here). all i can say is thank GOD for giveaways because the student/6-week trip to india budget does not allow for scrappy supplies.

i think this week i’m going to put together a 21 before 22 list of things i want to do in the coming year. what do you have on your list?

xo and thanks again for the birthday wishes!

lovelove jeremy

ps i love youimage i’m pretty much in love with sandra oh. definitely my favourite character on greys (and i may or may not have watched the season finale greater than 5 times). 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Jeremy! :)

    I love your idea with putting together a list of things to do (21 before 22). I need to do the same, as my birthday is coming up on July 4th. Yikes!! I'm turning 29!! lol

    Have a super fun week, doll!

  2. omg, that's so cool! what a great bday present! congrats! :)

  3. I've only seen one Grey's Anatomy and I LOVED it. Sobbed. The only thing (weird that I have to mention this when I liked it so much) is that it was an impossible scenario.

  4. happy birthday j. love karaoke.

  5. Confession: I watched the finale way too many times to count. It's just so GOOD! I keep going back to my favorite parts...