Saturday, December 04, 2010

All I Want or Christmas – CT December

So last week the new Creative Type prompt went up and I thought I’d finally share my little project with you.

The prompt was “All I Want for Christmas”  and we had to use something vintage on our project.  Here is what I made... It is a little envelope in which you can keep all of your Christmas wishes!! I used some vintage fabric scraps and I used a vintage colour palate. I am currently loving the seventies olive and mustard combo. This is a fun little project that all of you can do too. Or something you can do with your kiddos on a snowy day. Just grab an envelope – I reused one that someone sent me some goodies in – and then decorate it all up however you’d like. Now go forth an make one yourselves after you check out what everyone else came up with for the prompt at the Creative Type.

Happy Weekend.

lovelove Jer.

Ps. I love you.imageimage  These pictures of Vee’s home make my heart happy. I love the little ornaments an the way she processed them? I dieee.


  1. Saw this up on SC and wandered over. Love the envelope! Great work! Fun to have a neighbour on the SC boards. Have a good one!

  2. amazing envelope :) really love it x

  3. That looks really cool. All I want for Christmas is a pizza and a coke Slurpie from 7-11. I'm a simple person :P

  4. This is so rad!! I love it. You constantly amaze me with your talent Mr. :)
    P.s I love you (that's my favorite part of your posts).

  5. I love this SO much. It's absolutely breathtaking and the colors are perfection.

  6. Found you on the sc gallery and I really like your blog. And your envelope is Awesome!

  7. love you CT project, so cool!!!!

  8. This envelope is a great idea. Thanks for posting it! Much love from Edmonton!