Saturday, February 21, 2009

after many long hours of editing . . .

First of all, if you are here or have been here from Rachel and Elsie's class, welcome. Feel free to come back anytime. I don't know about you, but I really love the classroom environment so so inspiring.

I have finally finished going through the pictures that I scanned at my grandmas and I am going to share some of my faves. yay!
First let me say, I pretty much loved all of the ones that I scanned (why else would I have scanned them in the first place?) and these are a few of my favorites and I had a really tough time trying to decide which ones to share . . . anyways these are the ones I decided on for tonight and I will probably share more again in the future. Also some of these I have no reason for choosing them except for the fact that they resonated with me in some way or another - they kind of just made my heart sing.

My momma.

My Dad's shorts. My Mom's shirt. Enough said.

My parents again. I feel like I need to give them a chance to redeem themselves for the last picture and this one does just that I think (ps. I really like this one)

Staying with the couple theme, these are my grandparents circa 1954 - 1 year before they got married. Too cute. They're still that cute, and poppa still frequently takes goofy pictures like this.

Poppa and my mom (left) and aunt (right). Do I have a cool grandpa or what? Get a load of those sweet Ray Bans.

What can I say? I have cool grandparents. Look at those cat eye glasses on grandma. *lovely*

This may well be my favorite picture of the day. Its a couple of my mom's aunts. I don't know why I love it so much, I just know I *love* it.

For the curious - when editing these pics I really didn't do much to them, I just lightened them up, sharpened some of them and punched up the colour in most of them.

Ok, tonight I am scrapping and journalling. What are you up to?

xoxo Jer


  1. loving these.
    you did a nice editing job. they are still true but sharp. [:

    tonight i've made myself a new journal (finally!). i think you should post what you make. can't wait to see it.

    p.s. rachel and elsie's class is amazing, huh?!!

  2. man, i love old photos! i totally loooooove the one of your mom and dad where he's wearing the tiny shorts! he reminds me of hugh grant in some movie [i just can't remember which one.] and the one with the seagulls is awesome. i love the composition in it. and i totally agree about the last one. i love it. :)

    great job!

  3. I just finished scrapping for a total of 16 hrs. 2 days worth.
    Loved the shorts...HAHAHA!! That was funny. And the pic of your grandma with the cat eyeglasses was awesome..Love the colors. Pretty Hip.

  4. Wow, the photo of your grandma in the chair....the colors, the style the textures...beautful!

  5. These are such great pictures! -e