Wednesday, February 04, 2009



Just a little about me for my Flickr profile. Thought I would share it here.


PS. Also, last week I was given a blog award here. If that wasn't good enough, I go over to see it, and I find out that this is the list of other blogs awarded:

1. Rhonna's Blog

2. Aperture 1.4

3. Piece of Work

4. Hula Seventy

5. A Beautiful Mess

6. Here's Lookin at Me Kid

7. Elise Blaha

8. SoundsofScience

9. Just Me

10. SouleMama

How sweet is it that my blog was awarded with the likes of Kristina, Elise, Rhonna, Candice and Elsie?? VERY flattered.

A big thank you goes out for that :)

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