Friday, February 20, 2009

*so thankful*

So I'm not quite finished going through all of the pictures that I scanned the other day, so I'm not gonna share my favorites just yet.

I do however want to say a *huge huge* thank you to this woman.
For as long as I can remember my grandma has been toting around her camera wherever she goes taking pictures all along the way. For that I am extremely thankful. I'm so glad to have all those pictures to look through (I must have looked through thousands of pictures the other day and I ended up scanning over 300). I'm so glad to have all those pieces of history to look at.

As a scrapbooker and a photographer I try to capture little pieces of now, that in the future will be pieces of history, whether they be about me, my friends or my family. In her own way she has been doing that all this time. With her camera, her newspaper clippings and those many photo albums in her cupboards, this woman was a scrapbooker in her own way long before I was.

For that, I want to thank her.

Love you Gram.

xoxo Jer

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