Monday, February 23, 2009

*eye candy*

Just a bit of eye candy from my recent Flickr faves. Hopefully they are inspiring to you as they are to me. Just by the way, I could proclaim my love for Flickr from the rooftops, definitely my best discovery in the last couple of years.

I will be spending my next couple of days paper writing and studying. Midterms are coming - yay! (and by yay! i really mean boo!). I have a feeling I may be spending a lot of time with these lovelies.

1- Jon Foreman

2-She and Him


4- Mr. Larson

5 -Jenny Lewis

Ok kiddos, I am out, back to the paper writing and midterm studying.

Happy Monday!!!

love *j


  1. Did you see Jenny Lewis in Foxfire?? Great movie, in my opinion. I didn't connect the dots between her character in Foxfire (and The Wizard - but you might not be old enough to know that movie), Rilo Kiley and Jenny Lewis (the musician) - but they are all one and the same and I liked them all separately! Did that make any sense at all? Hopefully you get what I mean. Enjoy your paper writing and mid-terms!

  2. good luck with your studies. make sure you give yourself a reward when you are done!

  3. Looooove that eyecandy!

    And good luck studying!

  4. How much do you love the Ingrid Michaelson album? I teach kindergarten and I put her website music player on in the background of my classroom. The kids love it, as do I!

  5. I love people's eyecandy. It is a great way of finding new loves, so thanks for sharing! Also, are you my music twin! Doesn't Ingrid Michaelson's song "Be Ok" just rock? Whenever I am feeling sad, I listen to it and sing at the top of my lungs...