Monday, February 08, 2010

Flavour Flaves

Keeping with the informal scrapbooking theme I started yesterday by sharing my layout from last weekend, today I just wanted to give a shout out/share to one of my absolute favourite challenge blogs out there – The Dares. I don’t remember when I first came across this site and actually I think before I knew of the website I knew of the book – either way, if you are looking for a creative challenge (whether that be for scrapbooking or not) check out this site.

Some of the girls on the DT are some of my favourite scrappers – Jen, Kristina and Vee. Now that I’ve been around the site for a while I have some new faves from the DT – Tina and Jamaica and I am lucky enough to call some of these girls friends. The challenges are simple – just the way I like them so I can take it whatever direction I want.

Seriously, check it out!!!imageTina – Dare 145 image Jen – Dare 142image Vee – Dare 156imageJen – Dare 136imageJamaica – Dare 135image   Vee – Dare 153image Jamaica – Dare 151image Vee – Dare 131image KC – Dare 150image Tina – Dare 127

image Jen – Dare 147

Ok seriously, I need to stop. I could keep going but I’d use up all of my bandwidth on one post ( I really could) lol. But seriously? How amazing are those pages??? Promise me you’ll go and check them out.

The challenges are rad. The DT is even more rad. I just think they need a boy on the DT ;) Eh?

What do you think? lol Hey. . .I can dream, right?

Ps I love youimage found here


  1. I love the dares! And I think you're right, they DO need a boy ;)

  2. awwww, dude! you are the best - thanks for the dares shout-out. much love for you, too.

  3. awwww!!!too cute collection!
    nice to meet you from japan ! <3
    i love your blog so much! :D

  4. i honestly think i've been following the dares since dare ONE... actually i know i have.. since the twopeas days. they are SO fantastic and have always been my favorite. i played along for years, when they first started!!