Friday, October 08, 2010

{{Fall in Love}}.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and while I welcomed fall at the end of August, this holiday kind of welcomes fall back for the normal people in Canada (aka those who aren’t waiting all through winter, spring and summer for the return of fall).

I’ve been listening to this playlist kind of non-stop for the past couple off weeks, making small changes here and there, perfecting it so I can share it with all of you lovelies.

So here it is,Fall in Love, kind of a transition from the bright electric sounds of summer to the more robust songs that characterize the sunny days and cool nights of fall.

Create a playlist at

So grab your fave fall drink, curl up with some knitting, or other crafty activity, your favourite magazine, scroll down and see my new hair and enjoy.

Happy Autumn!! (and happy thanksgiving to all my Canadian pals!!)

xo Jer

PS. I love youimageimage

These Dexter posters are fantastic. I would love to have every single one. (Thanks Katie!!)


  1. I still have yet to watch Dexter, still looks pretty cool though

  2. hello, dear! happy thanksgiving <3

  3. happy thanksgiving to you! curling up with some knitting sounds kind of perfect. loving the tunes so far...!

  4. I need those Dexter posters ASAP, they are incredible :)

  5. OH my gosh, thanks for sharing the Dexter posters. So brilliant.