Saturday, October 02, 2010

A New Project & A New Layout

So the other day I mentioned some exciting news and that news is that I am now a member of The Creative Type! I was thrilled when Danielle asked me if I wanted to join and I am so excited to be a part of the team of super talented ladies over there. We are changing things up, doing things a little bit differently and its all really exciting stuff.

Anyways, we are back for the fall season with a new prompt. This month the challenge is to create a layout about someone who inspires you. We all chose to do a layout about or inspired by or lifted from someone else on the DT.

Of course, since I had just visited her, I did mine about Vanessa. I was feeling extra “artsy” the night I cranked this layout out, so I channelled my inner Vee, Dina and Dani and ended up using lots of mists and paints etc. Because I failed at taking pictures during my little trip photo cred goes to the talented Mandi (thanks Lady!).  Thanks to Steven for insisting I keep that little pink ride ticket from the fair – because it was the perfect little addition to my layout along with my admission ticket (the red one) which I didn’t mean to keep but was in my bag when I cleaned it out. Aaaand the super cool red sibling rivalry label was from the bottle of wine we enjoyed on the Saturday night (not the actual bottle, but another bottle of the same that I have since consumed). Nostalgic right?

Aaanyways the point is, you should head over to the Creative Type to check out the new things going on, and to check out this month’s prompt. And if you do play along, link me up because I definitely want to see.


PS. I love youimage Kara blogged the second instalment of her “Hey I Know You” series this week, in which she interviewed her super charming grandma who is an eloquent writer and an amazing painter. It is so inspiring and really lovely and you should check it out here.


  1. Wow, that looks really awesome bro. Those tickets on the left are a nice touch :P

  2. awesome page! i didn't know you visited vanessa (and i'm totally jealous.) i want to hear all about it!

  3. i freakin' love that vanessa layout, Jer!! those mists makes my heart sing!

  4. YAY!!! I LOVE this! At first glance I thought you were super sneaky to take the wine label but then I read on. Also, love the last line (yes, I creeped to read your journaling) "will allow it, if you're lucky" cracked me up!

    Yay for you being on The Creative Type!

  5. aw, yay! congrats... and that layout is wowie cosawie :)

  6. Hey ! I am really happy to be part of this DT with you
    Great layout !!!!!!!!

  7. I'm happy that I found your blog on The creative Type! Amazing LO! So inspiring!!