Thursday, October 14, 2010

the science kid strikes again.

normally i would post something like this after a regular post in my little “ps. i love you” segment, but the anatomy/science/jurassic-park-loving kid in my is geeking out too much to use capitals let alone wait till i have something good to blog about to share this with you.

so yesterday i got my new nylon and didn’t get a chance to look at it until just a little while ago, and when i did i saw this…imagewhat are you freaking out about you say? here’s a better look…image i am dying inside right now. these shoes are one of the most amazing things i have ever, ever seen. if they didn’t come with a pricetag of several thousand dollars i would consider buying a pair to display in my home.

i am obsessed with these. i can hardly contain myself and have been looking at them all day.

i don’t even know how to end this post. . .



i’m so excited by these shoes i forgot the important bits. they are by dean and dan of dsquared (represent for the canadians!! holler) for their f&w 2010 collection.


  1. Hooooly freaking crap!!!!!!!! I waaaant them! I could die right now! Those are effing amaaaaaaazing!!! Ahhhhhhhh!


    ps-do all of my multiple letters and exclamation points show my excitement?! I'm in loooooove!

  2. those are insane... I'd be scared to walk in them!

  3. I shall buy this shoes and I shall stroke them as I fall asleep.

  4. Okay I'm going to admit these are amazing. I think I would wear them every single day :)

  5. this really does appeal to the little girl who wanted to be a paleontologist in me. i wonder which bones they are supposed to replicate?
    hell yeah canadians and great design!
    btw i am in toronto now, it's good, busy but good!