Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter. From me to you!


It’s true. And I hope the Easter bunny brought you some chocolate treats. I had a good weekend, brunch on Good Friday,church this morning and a turkey dinner for lunch today. I had a lot of pictures to share with you today from our Easter egg hunt and yummy desserts on Friday, but apparently when I uploaded them I didn’t actually upload them – imagine that. Anyways instead I’ll share this amazing picture by Candice Stringham with you. Its pretty magical isn’t it? Anyways I’m heading back to studying, but before I do, how cute are these little knitted Easter eggs. If I knew how to knit I would definitely make some of these cuties, but since I can’t I thought I’d share it and maybe someone who can knit can find make some.


You can find these here. And a pattern for them here.

I am back to studying. Once again, happy Easter!!

I looove yoooou!!

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  1. that picture is amazing! that's so sad that you didn't actually import your photos. and oh my! i really want to learn how to knit! those eggs are adorable!

    happy easter!