Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am obsessed with music. Often I will listen to one album or one song over and over and over again. I have the most random tastes in music and I love it. I have a tee-shirt that says “I Believe in Music” (its basically my fave tee) and I really do believe in music.This weekend it was City by Sara Bareilles (sooo beautiful). Tomorrow it will be something different. But for right now it is this song. I must’ve listened to it 50 times today.

Take a listen. Excuse the talking at the beginning because the song is sooo worth it.

What are you listening to today?


Edit PS. you can see the aforementioned t-shirt here.


  1. that's an awesome song. :) thanks so much for sharing! i too, believe in music [though i do not have a shirt that states that], and i also listen to songs about a thousand times a day when i love them.


  2. oh! i am listening to we are scientists "after hours"



  3. wow, that's a beautiful song, thanks for sharing that Jeremy.
    I tend to obsess over a song/album too... right now it's "This Beautiful Republic"... the song "Surrender Saved My Life" is the bomb, I love how they just rock it out at the end (it keeps going!) and I love the strings. love love. :)

  4. Wow, I love this song...thanks for posting that!

    Here lately I haven't had much time to look for new music :(

    It really stinks because I'm just like you...I love music - and I'll listen to one song over and over and over again until I just can't anymore, haha.

  5. i go through music phases, and right now i'm in my "Life Aquatic Soundtrack phase. I cannot stop listening to Mark Mothersbaugh's "Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Operation." its one of my favorite parts in the movie and it makes me want to go on adventures!


  6. Wonderful song, i will link it over to my sister. she sings to. yeah that´s really music to believe in. thank you for sharing. More time for music when your exams are finished.

    I still love this song and video


    and listen to it often

    greetings from one of your pretty classmates



  7. Wow that was really good. And she even sounded somewhat close to Colbie Caliet.

  8. love this song... thanks for sharing.