Monday, April 20, 2009

“I’m a Carpetbagger Baby . . ”

Just popping in to say I am have been spending most of this lovely rainy day with Arcade Fire and packing up my room in London to move back home for the summer. In case I had forgotten (which I hadn’t) this is a lovely reminder of how much I hate packing – and I don’t throw around the word hate a lot its just not generally in my vocab. One thing I definitely do hate, is packing. I only have to pack up some of my stuff though because I’m keeping the same apartment here so therefore I can leave a bunch of my stuff here for the summer – thank God for that.

However my dear friend Amanda is here spending the day with me so that helps. Also on the agenda for today is putting the last coat of paint on the wall here before we moved out. We decided on a colour and started it yesterday so tonight and tomorrow we’ll finish it up and I will post pictures as soon as we’re finished. Hopefully tomorrow there will be some pretty light to take and after picture of it. If not then I’ll have to use not so nice light. boo! However we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


This picture has nothing to do with anything that I am talking about, I just wanted to share it. This is what approximately 87% of all pictures of me look like. Just hamming it up and being as awkward as humanly possible. I just can’t help it sometimes – as soon as the camera comes out the nerd comes out. Oh well, its me and I like it.

xoxo Jer

Ps. A couple of days ago I put a link to my email address in the side bar on the right so if you ever need or want to contact me by email feel free to do so by clicking on that link.

Pps. Sometime in the near future I need to give the blog a facelift. You know the usual – new banner, redo the side bars, maybe add some nice buttons. Who knows how that will go but definitely keep your eyes peeled for it. yay.

ok that is for sure all I have to tell you. now I’m heading back to pack some more and listen to some more pretties by Arcade Fire (definitely still one of my go to albums – love love love it) to finish off this low key day. A little thunder and lightning would be a perfect end to a perfect day. Just sayin ;)


  1. mmm thunder and lightning.

    thunderstorms are literally the best.

    unless you are camping.

    i'm busy packing to go home too.. its the worst. i hate seeing how much stuff i have :[ but i hope your packing goes well!

  2. uh your blog is amazing!! just so ya know!! a guy scrapper!!! you are too awesome!!