Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday’s Thoughts.

1 – I haven’t been stressed about exams so far. I’ve been studying a lot trying to prepare. But tonight the reality of the situation hit me. 4 exams in 4 days starting next Tuesday – and Easter is this weekend so that greatly reduces my study time. I’m a little stressed to say the least.

2 – This little bit of brilliance from the wonderfully talented Kim Smith, has been in my thoughts all week.


“April is for being happy.

just pure happiness.

pure i-don't-care-who-sees-or-knows-about-it happiness.

dance-barefoot-in-sunshine happy.

smile-and-laugh-until-my-cheeks-hurt happy.

don't-get-hung-up-on-things happy.”

[find it here] First I have to make it through the aforementioned exams.

3 – hot water + fresh lemon + honey. so delicious. even more soothing. enough said.

4 – Project Runway Canada is so inspiring. The only problem with being inspired right now is that there is very little I can do with it. boo. However the finale is next week and I seriously can’t wait to see what the final three designers send down the runway. It will probably be the one bit of tv I watch next week amidst exams.

5 – The travel bug is biting. Really really hard.


I have Elsie to thank for that one ;)

6 – I am listening to a ton of Pink right now. It pumps me up and it doesn’t hurt that I *love* her voice.

7 – I said it before that I wanted to start painting again. Now I *really* wanna paint. Its hard to imagine how much I want to paint. I feel like this summer will be a summer where I really get back to my roots which are painting and general “fine arts”. That excites me. As much as I love what I’ve been doing lately such as journaling, scrapping and general crafting, I miss the other things that I started in. Drawing, painting, photography etc. I want to experiment, play and have fun. (I really want to play around with oils) il_430xN.59415812[1] [find it here]il_430xN.63977072[1] i generally don’t like water colours, but i love this. [find it here]


this just blows my mind. it is amazing. [find it here]

8 – Just because I am planning on getting back to my roots doesn’t mean I will not be scrapping or crafting. I still have all of the projects from the Pretty class to make. See the great things my classmates are coming up with here.

9 – Still no paint colour progress. (I’m still really loving the green though)

10 – Ummm. Just by the way. You can watch Jem and the Holograms episodes here. I wasn't around when it was on for real. But I remember watching it in re-runs for a while.

Ok. I am out for the night.


Ps. I almost forgot. Over 1000 hits on my blog. wow. Thank you so much for every visit and every comment. It really means so much to me to know that what I’m doing isn’t just heading out into cyberspace forever to be lost and read by no one (even though I’d probably be doing it anyways). Seriously though. Thank you, and I try to comment as much as I can on your blogs as well. You know, share the love.


  1. omggg jem was my favorite! thank you thank you thank you, now i will be wasting copious amounts of time watching episodes on youtube <3

  2. JEREMY!
    oh boy.
    travelbug- elsie is so contagious. it bit me too!
    paint paint paint! those watercolours are gorgeous. excited to see what you make.
    i have so many exams too, it's hard to stay happy with all of this looming- but you can do it! reward a good study session with good coffee and a dance in the sunshine.
    from one crazed student to another-
    let the happy be with you!!
    day number 9 and counting...

  3. Love this post! Good luck on your exams!

  4. so much lovely here!! isn't it a pain with life gets in the way with making stuff? (-: love that picture of Italy - could you imagine going to that event? we should totally go next year..he he. (-: good luck with all your exams!!

  5. lol i love jem and the holograms! i used to watch it every sat. morning...i got my haircut once and wen around saying i was jerrica lol

    ps hope exams are going well!