Thursday, April 16, 2009


Its true. It is so nice and sunny out today, I would give anything to be out in it.Instead I’m studying, indoors. But I have the windows and the patio door wiiiide open and it is lovely. I will definitely be soaking it up on my way to the school today.

But what I really popped in today was to tell you that I have really sweet online friends. For example, the other day I got this email from this very talented and very sweet girl. (click on the image to read the super nice message).


I have now completed two exams and have two more to go (one this afternoon and one on Friday evening) and I am now officially halfway through hell week. I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel for a minute yesterday when I left the exam room, however it quickly disappeared as soon as I opened my books for my exam today. No matter . . .

Ps. I am planning something pretty exciting (at least I think it’s exciting) and I will be starting work on it immediately after I am done exams. I don’t want to give too too much away because I don’t really know too much about it myself – very few details are finalized. But think canvas, and think in June (hopefully the big reveal will come before that though). So, keep your eyes and ears peeled about that.


PPs. I love little teasers like that on other people’s blogs, hope that you enjoyed that one. ;) lol.


  1. okay, you are too awesome and i can't wait to see what you're up to! i'll be watching to see. :)

    [and good luck with exams.]