Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Monday.

hi. hi.

You are probably reading this and I am either doing one of two things: sleeping or in class. ha.  Either way, welcome to day one of my goal to blog everyday this week. (Which I will accomplish since posts for all 5 days this week are already written. Thank God for post-publishing)

I’m going to be sharing a bunch of different things with you all throughout the week but today is going to be quick and dirty. I just have a few things I want to share with you to start your week off. 

First of all this weekend the lovely lovely Miss James from Bleubird (one of the prettiest blogs ever!! seriously) posted the second instalment of her Show and Tell feature. image


If you don’t know what it is (though, it’s pretty much how it sounds) you can check out that post right here. I was lucky enough to participate this round. 163944 164010 I shared one of my vintage Hardy Boys collection. I collect these and the Nancy Drew’s from the 50s and 60s and if I’m really lucky I can find them from the 30s when they first came out. Elise shared a Nancy Drew book that is in her collection. I thought it was cute/funny that we shared the same thing so I went over to check her blog and was pleasantly surprised at how lovely it was. So quick shout out to Elise my collection twin. You should go and check her out.

Also, I got a lot of traffic from Bleubird this weekend so if you’re visiting from there, welcome and I hope you come back and play again sometime.

This weekend I got a lot of scrapbooking done. Three layouts might not sound like a lot for the whole weekend, but considering I am a really slow scrapper ( I often have layouts sit on my desk for at least a week before I finish them) three is a monumental number. 000_0741000_0727  And a sneak peek of one that I finished tonight after the daylight  had disappeared and as a result did not get a good photograph of.000_0744(sneaky right?) I’ll post updated pics of this layout later on this week so stay tuned for those.

I decided this weekend that I need to do multiple layouts in a row more often because (in my opinion) they kept getting better as the weekend went on (note: layouts appear in the order they were created). I miss scrapbooking a lot when I don’t get a chance to do it. Its absolutely one of my favourite creative things to do and I have met so many great people because of it. Its really very close to my heart.

I really need to get my hands on a reliable camera. Its hard to scrapbook when you don’t have photos to scrapbook. ha! imagine that. My last camera I had died without so much as any hint of warning, never to work again and the one I had before that turns on with a dial (Kodak. anyone? anyone?) Anyways over the years that dial has gotten sticky and sometimes turns and sometimes doesn’t. It is hard, as one might imagine, to turn on the camera when the dial doesn’t work. So it is unreliable, and also it is huuuge (we’re talking like 6 years old people) so I don’t generally use it for anything except to photograph layouts and stuff. Aaaanyways, that’s just my little rant. I’m keeping my eyes out for a very reasonably priced Rebel so if anyone has any links I’d love to see them.

Finally on a kind of serious note I just wanted to make a quick comment on what is going on in Haiti currently.  Most of you are probably unaware of this, except for the few family members that read this blog, that Haiti is pretty close to my heart. My mom works for an organization called MFMI and their partner OMS and she works to co-ordinate short term mission trips all over the world but probably 90% of the teams that she organizes go into Haiti. My parents have went to Haiti on a missions trip a few years ago and they have seen firsthand (and I have seen second-hand through pictures they took and stories they brought back) what a beautiful country and how beautiful the people are there.  My parents have made friends with the missionaries in Haiti and luckily no one on the team from MFMI/OMS was harmed in the quake.

The organization has two buildings in Port-au-Prince where the earthquake hit. The villa, where short term teams stay when they go (luckily there were none from OMS in the country this week) and a church. The villa is relatively fine with only a small amount of damage but from what we currently know there is nothing left of the church.

As I mentioned this is very close to home for my family so I am urging all of you reading to do whatever you can within the means that you have. You can donate to OMS by following this link here. Your donation to OMS will go towards providing food and water to the people who have been affected by the earthquake. There is a huge list here of other organizations that you can donate to if that is more convenient for you. My friend Elsie is auctioning off this painting with 100% of the proceeds going towards Haiti relief.image A lot of the time I take for granted the situation I find myself in from day to day – this puts a lot of things into perspective for me. I am honoured to be able to help out in a situation like this. I hope you are able to help out as well.

xo Jer


  1. i am very much in love with that first layout there. you're a star <3

  2. i meant the pug love one, but i also love the christmas one. :)

  3. reading your blog makes me sad I don't have the space to scrapbook at the moment. All my gear is in storage.
    Keep posting your layouts!

  4. Hi! Yeah, I followed you here from the link on Bleubird. Can I just say; OMGIloveyourscrapbooking! And your blog. For reals. You're in my google reader already. :)

  5. love the vintage Xmas, and I saw you on Show and Tell, i love that blog, too!
    Haiti is tearing at my heart, too. Such a terrible tragedy!

  6. I love your blog :)
    & congrats on the show & tell, I love the Hardy boys :D