Friday, January 22, 2010

You Said What?!?

Hi friends. We are at the final day of my little goal to blog everyday this week. I’m feeling like this is something I might do about once a month. Thoughts?

Speaking of things that I am going to do here once a month – here is a new little fun feature that I am going to be starting to do once a month-ish. So behold friends the sensation that is sweeping the nation You Said What?!?

Here is a fun little segment where I share some of my favourite tweets with all of you. They crack me up and brighten my day so hopefully they can brighten someone else’s. Without further adieu. . .jessikatie2elsie sarahs brooke1 john 1 moi jenny margot toni ingrid mandi vanessa5comb rachandkatie I am killing myself laughing at these tweets again. I hope you enjoyed this little post.  Let me know what you think of it.

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Love Love, Jeremy.

Ps I love youtwitterwhale How much do you love this little whale illustration that comes up when twitter is down?? Soo cute.


  1. I loooove this feature!!! Awesome idea, Jeremy!!! Love it!

  2. LOL! What a great new segment! Those are awesome. Thanks for the smile! :)

  3. I think you'll find that the more often you blog, the more blog ideas you come up with and the more you want to blog ...
    good luck!

  4. I love it, I love it! :) Wow, really amusing.. Twitter can make us bring up some interesting subjects we'd never thought we would say to the world.

    Love the blog- Emily xo

  5. glad you find my tweets amusing, love!

  6. love it! yes! keep it up every month...especially since i am not a twitter-er! ;)

  7. Ok, this might be my most favorite blog post in like ever!!!
    you are hilarious for even thinking up something this cool.
    love it
    I want to see more of this mister :)

  8. hehe I'm glad to be in your list. I forgot I said that and it made me giggle. :)

  9. haha! i love twitter... and i'm glad that you can favorite tweets. such a fantastic feature.

  10. hahahah.. loooove! those made me smile :)

  11. thanks for the chuckle jer... I needed that seeing as I'm commenting from pukeland.