Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obsessed? Not at all.

It seems I have been blogging regularly lately about my crushes that I have on certain ladies. I have blogged about these two before and you can be sure I’ll blog about them again. 15 plus years of a relationship such as ours does not go away – its for life. lol.4jb86ssisses mk96 2afmm0x 2pz06ds ashley-olsen-harpers-bazaar-02all via Olsens Anonymous

Gorgeous right?  Here is the layout I mentioned yesterday. One of the three that I did this weekend – my personal fave from the weekend.000_0755 This is scraplifted from a  fantastic layout by Mandi and the journaling reads:

“I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to the Olsen Twins. I grew up watching them on Full House and in numerous movies and to this day, years after I first fell in love with them watching It Takes Two, I am still fascinated. These days I check the Olsens Anonymous blog daily, buy any magazine they are in, post their pics on my inspiration board, and save pictures from online galleries. They are successful, beautiful, super stylish and I would love to hang out with these icons for a day or two. I don’t like to use the word obsessed when describing how I feel about them, but I can understand where there might be some confusion.”

So if you are reading this and can hook me up with these girls I would be eternally grateful. lol. Or if one of you, MK or A, happen to be reading this and wanna email me that would be sweet, whatev.

Also, this is my 100th post. So YAY for that!!! This past year my blog has really taken off and I don’t do it enough, but thank you so much for everyone that reads these quite often random thoughts that I put out there into the interweb and for coming back after I haven’t blogged for a week and for leaving comments. Every comment is read and very much appreciated. So thank you very much for that.

xo Jer

Ps I love youimage


  1. i love MK&A so much (and your page is so cool!) love their style a million times over. the last pic made me laugh because bo was snowboarding in aspen last week and saw aunt becky. (!)

  2. Totally agree - I love them too :) Did you ever watch 'Winning London'? It was super cute! Love their grown-up style, so fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. congrats on a hundred posts! i also like mk and a, ever since i was a little kid watching full house!

    so glad i found your blog, it's lovely!

    xo, katie

  4. I love when you post about MK&A. Makes ma smile. :D