Friday, January 15, 2010

a quick hi.


Just popping in to say a quick little hello.

I am dressed in my favourite jeans circa 2004 (i have a hard time getting rid of clothes), my current fave flannel shirt, my roomate is gone for the weekend and its just me and the pup. There are magazines and books and paper supplies galore, an endless supply of movies to last me long into the late night scrapping session that will be tonight. Also on the agenda for the weekend: blogging for next week (I’m planning on blogging every day), watching the season premiere of Project Runway plus more.

But my pugly little friend is whining at his leash so I have to dash outside with him.

So, hello friends!

What are you up to this weekend??

xo Jer

ps i love you.

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  1. sounds like a perfect weekend!

    i am TRYING to find Project Runway on tv but i don't think it's on any of my channels :(

  2. i think it premiered last night, but i'm going to email you the link to where i watch it online :) i don't have it on any of my channels either. boo!

  3. hi, i'm amanda.

    i also hoard clothes. and love zooey deschanel. & am super excited for the new she&him album to come out.

  4. i'm doing my darndest to make it a great weekend and so far your blog/playlists are just the trick. :D