Wednesday, May 05, 2010

i’ve fallen in love.

back in love actually – with Flickr. For the past couple of years Flickr was my main source of inspiration for all things crafty. There was rarely a day that went by where I didn’t check it at least once (and often numerous times) a day. The past, I would say 6 months, I just haven’t been feeling it. I’ve been using WeHeartIt a lot in the place of where I would have used Flickr in the past (I find the search on WeHeartIt turns up better results than on Flickr although there are sooo many other things that I don’t like about WeHeartIt) and I was only uploading things very irregularly. Over the past 6 months I had only uploaded about ten times.

This past week-ish, all that has changed. I have been browsing on Flickr everyday, finding myself some lovelies to inspire me creatively and I Have even uploaded a few times in the past few weeks. So here, to inspire you, are some of my most recent faves from Flickr:imageimageimage image image image image image image

1- Untitled 2- Maria Virginia 3- Untitled 4- Untitled 5- bedtime 6- Untitled 

7- Bruce Wayne has nothing on this kid 8- morningisalongwaydown


Hope these inspire you on this gorgeous hump day!!

xo Jer


  1. I love all the photos. I have been feeling the same about flickr and weheartit. I want to fall back in love with Flickr :)

  2. I super love Flickr. I'm almost embarrassed to say I look at it everyday, well almost embarrassed.

  3. Hi, Just found your blog--very cool!! and I'm following it now. I hope you follow mine too {-:

  4. These photos are fantastic!
    I've never been on Flickr, but if you say all these good things maybe i have to try it!