Saturday, May 22, 2010

one cheesy smile and a sneak peak

103_2818-2 I have a hard time making a serious/real smiling face in pictures – hence this cheesy smile from our picnic the other day.

Lately I’ve been scrapping quite a bit (more than I’ve been blogging – I know, but I’m ok with it, I’ve been blogging more than April which was awful, so technically I’ve improved and I’m perfectly ok with my blogging schedule). So I’ve been scrapping, quite a bit, for myself anyways – which is good because lately I just HAVE NOT been feeling it.

Pretty new products help. I’ve been playing with a kit from my new friend Tara at Up the Street Scrapbooking (who has really fun kits) so I can’t share anything in full yet because I’m not done with it but here is a sneak peek at one of the layouts I’ve cranked out with the kit.sneakpeek I’m kind of in love with the Studio Calico FabRips. I’ve used them on every layout I’ve made so far with the kit.

I have a few more ideas of things I’d like to make with the kit so once I get those completed I’ll be able to share more of those with you.

I also sent off my Hambly DT submission this week. I would love to be on the Hambly DT so we’ll see what happens – I’m not holding my breath though. I will say however, that I included some of my favourite layouts I've ever made aaand a new fave that no one has ever seen. The key word is MY favourites. I spent some time trying to figure out what they would like to see from me – but after a couple of weeks finally decided that wasn’t what I should be focusing on. So I submitted my favourite layouts, ones that showcase my style as a designer. I spend too much time thinking about what other people want to see from me and not enough time focusing on what I want to see from myself. This goes for scrapbooking, blogging and other areas of my life in general and its something I’ve been working on in 2010.

Aaanyways. That’s all I have for you today. I hope you have a fantastic long weekend. (Is it a long weekend in the states? or just here?) If you have a long weekend I hope its fantastic and if you have a regular length weekend I hope its just as good as if it were a long one.

Ha. Happy Saturday.

PS. I Love YOU.image This post by Kara is so so refreshing.


  1. Good luck with Hambly! Their products definately suit you.
    Cannot wait to see your projects with the kit. And yes ... Fabrips are beyond addictive.
    Have a great weekend! Wish the weather was a little nicer today but it always has to rain at least once on Victoria Day weekend.

  2. Nice post! You take very nice pictures :)

    haha and I think that we have almost identical tastes in music

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  4. I hope you get the DT on Hambly-that's exciting!