Tuesday, May 11, 2010


probably my favourite word ever. i just love it – for no particular reason other than i think its really pretty. i’m a nerd like that – i have favourite words. and that has nothing to do with what this post is about i just thought i would share that little tidbit.image today is rainy rainy rainy. rainy days are magical aren’t they? i love a good rainy day from time to time. they’re therapeutic i find.

i had to venture out earlier this afternoon for a job interview and then i hit up a few of my favourite used books stores on the way home. i didn’t even use an umbrella on the way home.

now i am home. in dry, cozy clothes. listening to diane birch and the fleet foxes. and thinking i might start to scrapbook the evening away.

the only thing that might make this afternoon/evening more perfect would be if someone were to show up with starbucks and make nice things with me. oh, and if it were to start thundering ( i looooove thunderstorms).

hope your day is lovely, rainy or not.

loove  j.

ps. did you notice i didn’t use capitals in this post? i just didn’t feel like it.

ps i love you.

the music video is so lovely, and fitting to this post. it wouldn’t let me embed it into this post, but look at it here.


  1. i have a favorite word, too! it's phantasmagoria. ^_^

  2. Books, coffee and rain... just a few of my favorite things!

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  4. i have a lot of favorite words, don't worry ;)

  5. Melancholy... Mélancolie in my language. It's one of my favorite words too. I like both the tone and the meaning.
    Your blog is nice, I really enjoyed reading it !

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