Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review Part 1– A Year in Photos

000_0733editJanuary was for flannel shirts and cuddles with that cutie face. IMG_2026 IMG_2032 February was for Valentines dates with Mr. Mayer and one of my bests.27101_412906696065_504591065_5606799_5165201_n 27101_412906681065_504591065_5606797_5070297_n March was for St. Patrick’s day adventures and amazepants jump shots.Photo 180edit April was for suuuuper long hair dos.picnic1P5296693 May was for beautiful weather, picnics and silly portraits of your brother at your cousin’s wedding.IMG_0034editIMG_0601 edit June and July were for huge dreams coming true. :) (which I will be blogging all about in the new year. Promise.)IMG_0657 IMG_0655 August was for spending time with the fam, working every night, and bumper cars, obvs.Back Camera

  September was for roadtrips, state fairs and new friends. hiii :) (last two photos courtesy of Katie)

colourpop 50 - lightenup 75- red yellow sat minus 25 - number two

IMG_0891 October was for family portraits and gem tank-tops (accompanied by a LOT of lunges).IMG_0993photo[1] November was for procrastinating exam prep and instead distracting yourself with Christmas coffee, Christmas with lights and paper snowflakes. photo[2]   December was for snowdays, studying, exams and friend family portraits.


  1. thanks for your inspiration. i used your idea over on my blog! love your year in review!

  2. Looks like you had a pretty solid year.

  3. love the pics Jeremy! Is that one picture of you as Annie? Love.
    Hope you have a great 2011!

  4. Awesome idea. I love the first May pic.

  5. woww, the pictures portray that you have enjoye alot the last year. I also love to attend concerts and going to the amusement parks. Very nice sharing.

  6. great pictures -looks like a wonderful year to look back on :)